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Having been here, be sure to start your sightseeing with a visit to a mosque. Jumeirah Mosque – the mosque, which is not similar to one another. Across the road to this wonderful place you will be able to watch the splendor of beauty and perfection. It is here that extend modern buildings right on the coastal zone.

Further follow up to Al Bastakiya. On this tour in Dubai, you can enjoy the beautiful windmills and great scenery. There is a great museum, which is not possible not to visit.

You can take a water taxi along the coast and cross the Dubai Creek. Here you will find the name of a wide variety of herbs and spices. You can also admire the beauty of modern gold, all kinds of products and it.

We can not tell about sea cruise. This tour in Dubai is the most attractive. Here you can enjoy all the goodness romantic dinner. Yes, that’s dinner. This is a great gift for a young couple who came on their honeymoon. Here you will experience for yourself the tradition and the modern world, and historical meal. During the tour you will be introduced to the dhow wood and interesting modern yachts. The village is famous for its ancient Velliga beauty. Once you are there, you can feel yourself in the past, the old Dubai.